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Thursday, December 15, 2011 Post By: David

Car Logo – Different Innovative Ideas for Your New Automobile Brand Identity

The most well known trend in car logo is the use of rings or ring like structures. The ring is a visual representation of vehicle tires and also adds an air of elegance to the drawing which is why it is so famous. Since this shape is so exchangeable, it can be used in various types of styles. For instance, you can apply the company name or initial in a circle or you can put a lot of rings jointly or inside each other innovatively to represent your brand. You can also add icons that illustrate velocity and movement in your circle like shape, for instance, you can incorporate a thunderbolt in the circle or wings of an eagle around the circle to portray speed. You can also apply ovals or similar patterns to make your vehicle brand identity different from the rest.

Another suggestion would be to use abstract art in the design. Conceptual art effects give a delicate feeling of the corporation’s aspects that makes the illustration innovative and attractive. You can apply fashionable abstract images or illustrations of speed and modernity in your car logos, for instance, you can apply the brand name initial or an automobile image with a few horizontal lines to portray speed or apply the ribbon art styling to depict modernity.

You can also make use of animals for demonstrating certain dominant features of your brand. Like a famous brand name, Lamborghini, uses the illustration of a Taurean bull. An automobile brand identity should depict velocity, faith and loyalty, authority and power. The animals that are ideal to represent that meaning to the customers are horses, cheetahs, bears, bulls and eagles because of their elegance, power and menace. You can apply a sprinting horse to indicate poise, swiftness and dependability or you can apply a leaping leopard to symbolize pace and fashion.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011 Post By: David

Sports Car Logos – How to Make Your Sticky Advertisement More Effective

Sports automobiles have always been a symbol, or representation of class and luxury style of living. A sports automobile parked in your street becomes a source of awe for everybody. It is a symbol of luxurious life, and a lot of riches. If you are a manufacturer of sports automobiles, and you want the general public to be aware of your brand, what is the most effective way of accomplishing your purpose of advertising? The most effective, and yet most cheap, way of promoting your sports automobile would be to use the sports car logos.

Your brand mark or company name will be printed on a sticker which then you can stick on the surface of your sports automobile. While printing the sticker, take special automobile of the type of fonts, colors, and format of the design. The surface of the automobile where you will apply your sticker also makes a great difference. You should stick it at such a location that gives the brand mar maximum exposure. So that it comes in the notice of passersby, or other drivers, very easily.

If you are using an image to represent your brand mark, and you will use the illustration on your sports automobile, make sure that the image that you are going use is appropriate and relates to your business and company name. Otherwise your automobile might end up looking like a poster, and the real beauty of the sports automobile would be masked away. The sticker should not affect the beauty of the automobile, but instead it should add to its attraction. The sticker should match the features of the automobile. Almost all car logos use certain animals as an illustrative of their brand. You could also choose such an animal, keeping in mind that the animal is going to be the representation of your company name and your brand.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011 Post By: David

Logo Design Do-It-Yourself or a Professional Designer – Which One Is Better?

Now, why do people like to use logo design do-it-yourself tools to make their brand mark designs? Well, a simple reply is that these do-it-yourself tools offer you lots of variable tools and you can select any one from them. For example, layout, colors, fonts, etc. to give the brand mark the look you want. However, what we need to decide is am I really equipped with all the talent and skills to draw my logo design? Am I sufficiently qualified to draw a symbol that will represent my company? Can a logo design DIY really be my company’s role model? Can this brand mark efficiently and effectively participate in the growth process of our company and help in increasing our sales? If you answer to all these questions positively, and then you definitely must go for making your own logo design, but if not, then don’t even think about it!

A free application can only provide you with free tools and techniques that can facilitate you in drawing, but can they also offer skills and talents that are required for creating a design? No matter how many upgraded new versions of applications you download, talents and skills of art come naturally. And if you don’t have artistic qualities then these applications will be of no use too.
Now, what you need to do is work out the loss you will have to put up with because of your amateurish brand mark design.
Creating a custom-made brand mark doesn’t price much these days. However, due to awful branding, you will go down thousands of dollars for the reason that your market will dither to purchase from you. Your brand mark is a commanding tool that helps you look dependable and unfailing. If it looks despicable, your whole business will look low-priced.

Friday, November 25, 2011 Post By: David

Some of the Very Good Trends in Online Logo Design Industry

Following are some of the very good examples and trends in online logo design industry:

Art is evolving drastically, coming out of the age of boring and dull looking brand marks, and fading into the new age of modernity where everything is plain, beautiful and crystal clear. Nowadays most of the web based companies are using the technique of transparency in their business logos. The basic tool of opacity in many applications fulfills the requirements of many users.
Retro and vintage:

Vintage and retro is very in nowadays, very common among many of the web based companies. Using fonts of the old times became a new trend of today. In the 80’s, or before, these ancient looking fonts were used basically to reflect cultural background in the brand mark. Now, in modern times, old beliefs are returning as trends among the young web business owners. Mainly gaming sites use this style, because it gives them an edge, mainly it is retro that ties with almost every gaming company.

Two-toned color:

This is another style of brand mark designing that has gained much popularity recently. In this method the entire logo is made up of two colors, a combination of two tones. Not just any two colors, the colors have to contrast with each other, like they do in the most famous examples of this type of brand marking – LinkedIn and Flickr.


Who knew that the basic shape of geometry, a quadrilateral, would become a trend in the designing logo design online world? Just change the dimensions of the figure a little, and voila, a new invention in the world of trends and designs! Simple rectangular shapes can be quite boring, but you can make it more interesting by changing its dimensions and applying the figure in your brand mark.

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Monday, November 21, 2011 Post By: David

Fonts, Color, and Images Together Make Up a Logo Branding Design

If you are a designer and you are confused about what fonts you must use for logo branding design, then worry no more! If you really want to know the trends in fonts, you must notice the fonts of the most popular brands in your area. With a little research you will learn which font is most commonly used in your field. And if you want to know about any knew fonts or fashionable fonts, see the front page of any magazine or movie posters.

Magazine covers and movie covers not only tell you about new fonts, but they also give you some idea about its application. If you are a complete newbie in the field of designing, then you must not know much about the use of fonts. But movie covers give you a basic idea which you can apply in your designs as well.

There are other players in this game of brand marketing who play important roles. Color is one of them. Along with the appropriate style, color of the font and the background also keep significance. Colors relate to different feelings and emotions of people. Customers react differently to different colors. Therefore, it is very important that the choice of color should be relating to your business and it should relate to a positive feeling or emotion.

Using the right color, at the right place, for the right product is very important. For instance, the red color relates to anger and aggression, whereas on the other hand it also relates to love and romance. Its use in a font of a video game that is action packed would mean differently as compared to the red font on a shop for valentine gifts.

The other important factor that cannot be ignored is the use of images in logo branding. Fonts, colors, and illustrations, all make up a great brand mark design. Logo branding guidelines are now available online that can help you in designing.

Friday, October 28, 2011 Post By: David

The Most Popular Brands with Animal Logo –Inspiration for New Designers

The most important aspect of cool animal logos is thought to be its ability to stay in the memory, and its simplicity. There are many popular brands with a business icon featuring, a wild creature or a bird, which have reached the heights of success and have taken permanent places in the hearts and minds of the users. These popular business icons include Puma, MSN, Fire Fox, Dove, Twitter, Lamborghini, etc. This is all the fruit of ingenious marketing, clever and smart designing, strategic planning of promotion.

Throughout history, if you go back and notice, there has been use of various creature illustrations and symbols at several places. Many of the animals are closely related to religious events and rituals, even beliefs. These gave inspiration to many designers. At first, if a company was doing business in some kind of animal, or its company name has a name of an animal; it would use the image of the creature for a visual presentation. But now people use creature representations freely to express their feelings and emotions. Now they use symbols of creatures to signify the nature of the business or the company. They are meant for signifying many important and most prominent features of the company. For example, speed, strength, growth, peace, harmony, beauty, etc. There are numerous brands with animal logo in the marketing industry.

Animals are great figurative instruments that artists can use for motivation. The observation of wild creatures in relation to business icon is no longer inhibited to corporations dealing in wild life welfare or corporations producing products for or from animals.

Animals can be emblematic and representational in relation to a company’s operation; reflecting the company’s mental picture and courage in spite of the industry they are in.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011 Post By: David

Tips and Tricks on How to Make Architecture Logo Designs Successful

In this world of tough competition, all the companies are trying to reach the heights of success, which depends strongly on brand image. Architecture logo designs are meant to communicate to the customers the type of products and services the company is dealing in, and the value the company is providing to the customers. Brand marks are the key tools of success that every organization must have that dreams of becoming successful and popular in the future. Customers identify the products by its brand identity; they relate the image to the company and its owner. In other words, it acts as a means of communication between the customers and the company.

Economic conditions are becoming more challenging each day. It has become very difficult for a single product to survive in the market with so many rivals. For promoting the product, now a company needs the help of media to introduce the product to the consumers through advertisement. During this promotion process, an architect logo plays a very vital role which cannot be ignored. Keeping this in mind, you will have to design your brand mark so that it can perform well in the market. To gain extra benefits make use of your brand mark in several different marketing, promotional and advertising media.

Another better idea is that you can print your brand mark on certain items that are printable, and can be used in daily life, and distribute them throughout. This is one of the most effective methods of familiarizing the crowd with your brand mark. By acquiring such marketing procedures you can attract many customers towards the organization, and ignite interest in them that they try out the product.
This enhances the brand image of the organization as well as its reputation. It can lead to company’s expansion and sales.
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Sunday, June 5, 2011 Post By: David

Professional Logo Design - Can You Draw One?

Professional is the word that defines an association of a person with a field. We can say that he will be a refined expert who knows the nuts and bolts of a job he is currently doing. Same is the case with logo design. A logo that is designed by a professional will be something different than a logo designed by an amateur graphic designer.

Professional logo design has its own sacred value that cannot be compared to any other low-end design concept. These professionals are specially trained to design them and thus, they know every nuts and bolts of designing.

They are adept at using the logo design softwares while the business owners who assumes them to be a perfect corporate identity designer doesn’t know what they are doing to their business reputation. Furthermore, they know what design would be more suitable for a certain business and what design ideas should be discarded totally.

He knows how to conduct the research work about your competitors and thus would try to design something new and refreshing that sets your business apart from the rest. Most of all, they are trained professionals who knows how to design an online logo design that is unique and original.

Therefore, one must comprehend all the qualities of a professional logo designer if you want to hire his services. That way they won’t end up on a bad graphic designer at all. Furthermore, they will be able to find one that is the best in town.

Sunday, May 29, 2011 Post By: David

How To Weigh The Credibility Of A Freelance Logo Designer?

Is freelance logo designer, a good bargain for your business?

You may be asking this as well if you are running out of money and want a corporate identity of your dreams at the same time. The only option left for you is to hire freelance logo designers which may come with a very low cost as compare to the professional graphic design company.

Though they are not free but may cost you a lot in terms of your reputation and it may not be apparent in the beginning. What a freelancer may bring for you?

1-He will not always be there for you to understand your needs about logo designing and as he is dealing with you online. You never know when he will get vanished.

2-He cannot provide you with 24 hours customer support. That way you will never be able to ask him, what is he doing with your corporate identity?

3-The biggest drawback of hiring online designers is that you have to pay them the money before you get the product or service which is indeed very bad. This raises many questions about the credibility of a logo designer.
Might possible, he will run away after taking your hard won money.

4-You never know if he is registered or not. He will not show you his certificate for sure before getting hired and if in case, he does, then who knows that the certificate he is showing is real.

5-Who knows if he is an inexperienced logo designer? There are so many chances of an online fraud here that you will be only cursing yourself in the end.

Thereby, the more you overlook the consequences of hiring a freelance graphic designer, the more are the chances that you are risking your business reputation.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 Post By: David

Rewards That You May Reap After Hiring An Online Logo Designer

What is the difference between a local company logo designer and an online graphic designer?

There is nothing that is perfect in this world and so does in the graphic designing world. There are many advantages of hiring a local graphic designer and online ones as well but both come with some pitfalls as well. Therefore, a smart business owner will always try to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of hiring them and he will finally opt for the one which will come with minimum problems.

The biggest thing is the budget for a business owner; therefore, this should be the set criterion of final selection. An online company logo designer would cost a client much lesser than the local one. How?

Graphic designers running a local establishment have to cover the overall cost of running a local office including fixtures, payrolls, electricity bills etc.
In the end, he not only offers a heart breaking price to his clients but also he gets nothing much in his pocket. On the other hand, an online logo designer has nothing to cover; he can even start his online business with a single computer. He just has to receive orders and deliver via email or any electronic means. That way, online companies are way too far from these local establishments.

But selecting the best and affordable online company might become a tiring work for a business owner for there are thousands of them on internet. It is wise that a business owner should conduct a brief research work before contacting any online logo designer or company.

Thereby, you cannot do anything impulsively and blindfolded. Similarly when it comes to selecting a graphic designer, you need to make sure of everything just to be on the safe side.

Sunday, May 22, 2011 Post By: David

What Should You Look For In A Logo Design Website?

What should you look in a logo design website when deciding to opt for one? How to select the best graphic design website out of the thousand ones available? This article will be the answer to your question.

The most important thing is PROFESSINALISM!

If the website doesn’t look like if a pro has designed it, it won’t leave a long lasting impression on the minds of the viewers. Therefore, this is the only thing you should look in a website. The other points can be kept aside for awhile. Now the question is how to find out if the site is professional looking or not.

Have you ever noticed that you immediately close the browser of a window if a website doesn’t look to the eyes or you take least interest in it? Presentation matters a lot if you want to capture a prospective client’s interest because this is the first thing he will notice on your website. If the first impression isn’t good then he will immediately close down the window in the next very second.

Look around various websites and you will get it by yourself what it takes to catch the interest of the readers. Apart from professionalism, there are many things that matters for example; their customer service, policies, payments, prices, packages, reputation etc. but they are all secondary issues.

The only thing which matters in the first glance is how professional they look and are. Hence, before finalizing the logo design firm, you must carefully examine the website if its even worth visiting then you must proceed to the next points that are mentioned above.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 Post By: David

What Can Logo Design firms Do For You And Your Business?

Why experts are necessary to get the job done, be it of any nature? If you aren’t an expert, you won’t be able to get the job perfectly done. The most probable reason is that every job needs certain training whether you are naturally talented or not. Same is the case with logo design.

Expert graphic designer knows how to handle the intricacies of design process while an amateur would only destroy that. Hence, going for logo design companies can give you a lot of advantages apart from their expertise.

First of all, the graphic designers working in a company are trained and so they are experts. So what kind of logo design can you expect from an expert? Obviously the best!

Secondly, they have an eye for art. They are creative and so they are a graphic designer. A graphic designer can view the world from his imaginative eyes. He can come up with innovative design concepts like the back of his hands.

Thirdly, they know what’s in, what’s out just like a fashion designer knows. He knows what to wear in winter season and summer. Therefore, a graphic designer would know what’s in logo fashion world and what’s out.

Fourthly, he is a professional. He is trained expert, working in a professional environment. Therefore, he knows the importance of being professional. He will try to maintain his credibility and show his expertise in every draft to win over his clients in logo design firms. This is why, it is said that there is a great difference between a professional and amateur graphic designer.

Now can you manage doing it yourself or you will get a designer’s help?

Sunday, May 15, 2011 Post By: David

Free Logo Maker - Usage and Its Disadvantages

You often come across places from where you can easily get your hands on your corporate identity in a matter of minutes. That’s true and there is no doubt about it but have you ever wondered, what will you culminate through a place where It takes a second to fork up a brand mark identity.

In addition to this, its totally free. I would rather say there is nothing in this world that is free. Therefore you should weigh your options before you make any final decision. There is so much already written about free logo makers so we would tell you something new and different.

In case, you have already designed a corporate identity through these so called creators, you should know at least, where you will be in the next 5 years.

You will be devastated:

A logo is a face of your business, it will be always there to represent and talk on the behalf of your company both offline and online. Therefore, such an important representative should reflect out and out creativity and professionalism. To put it differently, free logo maker will not show anything creative and professional.

You will be embarrassed:

Your friends would make fun of you because your logo looks like a school drawing. There is no quality, no worth and no creativity and this is why, it will make you embarrassed where your logo is most required to represent your business.

You will be helpless:

You can’t help it once you have officially launched your new logo. You have to manage it with it no matter what.

Therefore, you need to have a look at all of your options before you officially launch your new brand mark identity.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 Post By: David

Free Logo Design Software- An Analysis

Not everyone can be relied upon these days and that’s a fact. People who briefly looks into a situation before making any final decision reaches a successful position in life while those who are impulsive and have a bad judgment ends up on a disaster. I am pointing at the business owners especially those who have just tipped their toes in the business world. They are a new fish and don’t know where to go to get perfect results even its about getting a brand recognition device – A logo design.

A logo is a brand mark identity that can cost you from nothing to thousands of dollar depending on how much you are serious about it. If you are not then you will always try your hands over cheap or free means of getting it such as, free logo design makers.

First off, they are not free. You may be asked to pay the cost to unlock the features once you have downloaded them. That way, you cannot call it free. Furthermore, you cannot rely on them to get a unique brand mark identity. As you never know it is being used by your competitors or not. If they are then chances are that you may be threatening each other eventually of copying each other’s corporate identity.

You may face other repercussions as well for you may end up on a brand mark identity that posses a watermark label on it of the software company. Can you handle that? It is obvious that nobody would want something like that for his corporate identity.

Therefore, a logo design created with the help of free logo design software may end up on very detrimental results for your business.

Friday, May 6, 2011 Post By: David

Have You Ever Wondered What Is Free In Free Logo Creator Online?

Have you ever wondered, is free logo maker a good idea for your business?

Have you ever wondered if you can buy anything for free in this world?

Have you ever wondered if you can get such a big brand mark identity for free?

If you haven’t posed the preceding questions to yourself, you should do it now in the first place. This way, you may uncover the hidden truths about free logo creator ideas. It may not take more than a day to set your corporate identity with the help of this so called free idea which isn’t actually free at all. If you don’t then let me inform you that free word is just a link bait idea which eventually gets diminished once you have downloaded the program.

As far as getting the corporate identity in a day is concerned. Creativity and innovation demands time while imitation doesn’t. Remember, nothing is this world is free and if anything is then the seller is merely making a fool out of you. What do you think?

Let me tell you some harsh realities about this so called free idea:

1-Your competitor might be using the same logo design software and is happy to get his corporate identity for free but can you afford to end up on a brand mark identity that looks totally similar to that of your competitor.

2-You know what, you cannot even sue someone for using your idea because if wasn’t yours, first of all. Secondly, you don’t have the copyrights. This will be a very painful position for you indeed. Therefore, you cannot be in any way like apple who loves taking legal action against every company for using it’s the famous APPLE idea.

3-You may eventually have to pay some bucks at least for buying this free logo creator online so why the heck they say its free?
Therefore, it is wise to weigh all the pros and cons before trying your hands over anything that is for free.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 Post By: David

Difference between Psd And Bmp

There are so many different file formats that are being used by graphic designers to design corporate identities. These file formats are used by various regular computer users but often times they don’t know which kind of file format would be useful for them. The usual misconception or you can say confusion occurs between psd and bmp file formats for they both are used for images, drawing and designing.

We must look at them one by one:

Logo PSD:

Lets start with what PSD stands for, it is a short form for Photoshop document which is used by various graphic designers today to design company corporate identity. The designing is basically based on layers format and channels which renders a great room of creativity to a designer. The logo psd supports almost every image mode such as LAB, RGB, TIFF, duotone etc. It will be the best option if you want to convert files into TIFF, PNG or BMP that are also considered good for logo designing.

Logo BMP:

BMP is a bitmap file which comes into regular use. BMP files are pixel based files which are not good for logo designing. Though, you can draw different images with it. It only affirms RGB colors that are not enough for graphic designing of course. This is why; most of the graphic designers don’t prefer using paint. Bitmap is considered useful for designing pc buttons and icons that requires less room for color usage, graphics and objects. Therefore, paint is not the choice of professional graphic designers.

Therefore, you must seek out guidance for everything, not just file formats before using them for your logo design or any image. The information was just about two file formats because people sometimes get confused with them. You must read out more about these file formats to understand what they are all about and how they can be a good use for you.

Friday, April 29, 2011 Post By: David

What Are The Two Most Commonly Used Logo File Formats?

Being a regular computer user, you know what are the basic things and this is a good thing but what happens if someone hand over you with something that is known to you from the scratch? Obviously you will get confused. So, why not you get information about that particular thing before taking any practical action? Similarly, when we talk about logo design, a graphic designer can deliver you your corporate identity in different file formats that you may never even heard of.

This is why; you get some information about different file formats that are preferred by current graphic designers. As far as I can see it, there are two frequently used file formats by the graphic designers as they are easy to use and user-friendly. Moreover, they are easily understandable by the clients as well who are not pretty much aware of the technicalities.

1-Logo. Eps
2-Logo Gif

The two file formats mentioned above are easy to use as they are light and supported by almost graphic design software and browsers. EPS in logo.eps stands for encapsulated post script which is preferred for commercial printing purposes. Furthermore, it is scalable and can be used to transfer a file to into some other web application.

Logo gif is the only low resolution file format that is supported by almost every browser and software, this is why, and it becomes very much convenient for a graphic designer to present his work in this file format to his clients. This format is preferred for various web applications and emails due to its light resolution.

Hence the preceding two file formats are frequently preferred by the professional graphic designers so if you want to get your corporate identity out of them then you must learn about logo design, it process, deliverance file format etc beforehand.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 Post By: David

What Are The Essential Constituents Of Logo Design Gallery Pages?

Being a graphic designer, you must know the importance of creating a website to showcase your expertise to the world in order to attract customers. This way, a client can easily scan all the logo designs that are on the website and decide which way to go.

Mostly the logo design gallery is given on a separate web page. To put it another way, there is a separate web page to showcase their expertise. Therefore, to come up with a perfect web page, one must hire the services of a professional web designer otherwise things won’t turn out that professionally.

There are some essential constituents of such a web page that are given as under:

1-Headline that will completely show the idea that what this web page is all about. The writer or the graphic designer has to make sure that the title looks complete.

2-Welcome message should always be given on a website whether it’s a samples logo design page or the home page. Therefore, it becomes utterly important to make the visitor feel the warmth and customer satisfaction they will get through your website.

3-The introduction in which you will tell the world what kind of logo design samples you will render them.

4-Background information about your company, the samples, and the graphic design team working in your company will add to the overall credibility and trustworthiness they will feel towards you and your company.

5-Finally you can provide logo design example and samples that are the core purpose of designing this web page. It is to make sure that they are given in an organized manner with little description so as to inform the readers.

6-Order details is the final thing that you should give because we can safely assume that they are convinced by now after going through all the samples.

Thursday, April 21, 2011 Post By: David

Factors That Influence Logo Design Prices A Lot!

Price of a logo design depends on many factors that are not only from the side of a graphic design company but also the client’s requirements. Furthermore, there are many external factors that determine the logo design price and packages.

Who doesn’t want a quality logo design for his company but it definitely comes with a cost. The more the requirements and demands of a client, the more will be the money especially today when everybody is running a rat race of making money. Next thing that determines a product quality is how reputable and big the graphic design company is.

Staying in a big hotel is definitely expensive than living in a motel. So, I think the case is quite same with graphic design business as well but the quality is guaranteed just like the way a room in five star hotels will render every comfort as compared to a room in motel.

Now, there are two types of companies:

1-Online graphic design companies
2-Local graphic design companies

For online graphic design companies, the distance doesn’t matter for an order is just a click away but currency might matter. Thus, for you, the price might become high or low. Coming to the local graphic design companies, the price may be comparatively high because they have to take care of many issues such as, electricity, payrolls, fixtures etc. Therefore, they will try to cover everything in their profit.

Hence, there is a long list of factors that may frequently affect the logo design package offered by the graphic design companies out of which some where discussed above. You may set up your budget for your corporate identity keeping in mind the preceding factors so that things becomes easier for you in the end.

Monday, April 18, 2011 Post By: David

Criteria Of Selecting A Graphic Design Company To Buy Logo Design

If someone asks you where to get their business logo designs from then what will you answer them.

The answer is very simple that is they can get a perfect brand mark identity with the help of a professional graphic design service. There are so many graphic design companies working in a full swing especially the online ones. Therefore, it becomes quite difficult to pick out the best one out of them. This is why; we thought to provide you criteria that will help you decide which company would be suitable to buy logo design from.

First off, you must get a pen and a paper, list down which graphic design companies you found noteworthy.

Secondly, you must check if they are affordable for you or not. You should discard the ones which can be heavy on your pocket.

Thirdly, check if they have their portfolio uploaded on their website or not. This will help you identify the quality of their work. You can also check if there is any logo that is related to your business nature. If there is then your search might be near to the end.

Fourthly, you must see if they have a considerable experience in the field of graphic designing or not. It comes under the heading of common sense that the competency increases with experience.

Fifthly, what is the website like? Does It look professional, decent and uncluttered? The website will show how much they are serious about their profession.

Sixthly, check their offerings, price and packaging. If there is any offer of money back guarantee? If yes then you can give them a try for if you are unsatisfied with the work, you can always ask for the refund.

Finally, check how they give a response to their potential clients before finally going to buy logos from them.

Once you are fully satisfied with them, you can hire their services with ease.

Thursday, April 14, 2011 Post By: David

Three Business Logo Design Types Explained

A logo is a brand ambassador of your business which silently implants the whole concept of a company, brand, product or service in the minds of a potential buyer. This is why; nobody can today deny the inevitable importance of a brand mark for a good growth and exposure of a business.

Graphic design industry is on its boom due to such an intense demand. It involves creative ideas, concepts and expert opinion from a professional graphic designer. May be this is why; we can see various types of business logo designs around us. I selected three of the most common types of corporate identities which are given as under:


It’s a specific, narrow and to the point marketing strategy through a logo which is at the same time complete and descriptive. It basically seeks to deal with a specific concept by reflecting each and every component of it via logo design. Descriptive design concepts are very much suitable for small businesses.


Good for large conglomerates that are looking to get a more diversified form of expression as they are not dealing with a single concept. Abstract design concepts are also called as symbolic logo designs. Although, a small business owner who wish to throw an abstract look for his corporate identity can use it effectively.


Commonly known as logo types these brand mark identities only uses the name of a company to pay tribute. Furthermore, initials are also often used of a company’s name under this category to represent a company with style and sophistry. Typographic design logo web will be useful for those companies which have a name completely complementing with the business nature.

Therefore, if you are a proud business owner whether it’s a huge or a small firm, you can consider the preceding ideas to get your brand mark identity done!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 Post By: David

Why A Small Business Needs A Small Business Logo Design?

There are so many myths about creating a unique business identity in the form of a business logo design out of which the most common one is that it doesn’t create a worthwhile effect on the business reputation and that its merely a waste of time and nothing else.

The matter of a fact is that it is more suitable for a small business than a huge firm because they are already established in to the corporate world. They have a name in the market so the only thing which they have to do is to maintain it. On the other hand, a small business owner is struggling to get an image which sets it apart from the rest. Here, a brand mark identity plays a major role in creating a persona of a company.

Following are some benefits that you can attain by creating a brand mark identity in a long run:

1- It helps in building a positive reputation for a business
2- It helps in creating a unique business identity
3- It helps in a quick recognition of a company
4- It helps in delivering the main concept in a second
5- It provides a personality to the business
6- It builds a product in to a brand

The preceding benefits are some of the thousand ones which a small business logo design will bring in for you and your business. This is why; creating a logo design for a company has become an essential part of overall branding strategy especially when the company is operating online as well. Online world has given a new facet to marketing; therefore, a logo becomes the first thing noticeable for a corporate website visitor.

Therefore, if you also want to establish a unique insignia in the market then immediately go for a corporate business identity for your company.

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