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Thursday, December 15, 2011 Post By: David

Car Logo – Different Innovative Ideas for Your New Automobile Brand Identity

The most well known trend in car logo is the use of rings or ring like structures. The ring is a visual representation of vehicle tires and also adds an air of elegance to the drawing which is why it is so famous. Since this shape is so exchangeable, it can be used in various types of styles. For instance, you can apply the company name or initial in a circle or you can put a lot of rings jointly or inside each other innovatively to represent your brand. You can also add icons that illustrate velocity and movement in your circle like shape, for instance, you can incorporate a thunderbolt in the circle or wings of an eagle around the circle to portray speed. You can also apply ovals or similar patterns to make your vehicle brand identity different from the rest.

Another suggestion would be to use abstract art in the design. Conceptual art effects give a delicate feeling of the corporation’s aspects that makes the illustration innovative and attractive. You can apply fashionable abstract images or illustrations of speed and modernity in your car logos, for instance, you can apply the brand name initial or an automobile image with a few horizontal lines to portray speed or apply the ribbon art styling to depict modernity.

You can also make use of animals for demonstrating certain dominant features of your brand. Like a famous brand name, Lamborghini, uses the illustration of a Taurean bull. An automobile brand identity should depict velocity, faith and loyalty, authority and power. The animals that are ideal to represent that meaning to the customers are horses, cheetahs, bears, bulls and eagles because of their elegance, power and menace. You can apply a sprinting horse to indicate poise, swiftness and dependability or you can apply a leaping leopard to symbolize pace and fashion.

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