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Tuesday, May 3, 2011 Post By: David

Difference between Psd And Bmp

There are so many different file formats that are being used by graphic designers to design corporate identities. These file formats are used by various regular computer users but often times they don’t know which kind of file format would be useful for them. The usual misconception or you can say confusion occurs between psd and bmp file formats for they both are used for images, drawing and designing.

We must look at them one by one:

Logo PSD:

Lets start with what PSD stands for, it is a short form for Photoshop document which is used by various graphic designers today to design company corporate identity. The designing is basically based on layers format and channels which renders a great room of creativity to a designer. The logo psd supports almost every image mode such as LAB, RGB, TIFF, duotone etc. It will be the best option if you want to convert files into TIFF, PNG or BMP that are also considered good for logo designing.

Logo BMP:

BMP is a bitmap file which comes into regular use. BMP files are pixel based files which are not good for logo designing. Though, you can draw different images with it. It only affirms RGB colors that are not enough for graphic designing of course. This is why; most of the graphic designers don’t prefer using paint. Bitmap is considered useful for designing pc buttons and icons that requires less room for color usage, graphics and objects. Therefore, paint is not the choice of professional graphic designers.

Therefore, you must seek out guidance for everything, not just file formats before using them for your logo design or any image. The information was just about two file formats because people sometimes get confused with them. You must read out more about these file formats to understand what they are all about and how they can be a good use for you.

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