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Sunday, May 29, 2011 Post By: David

How To Weigh The Credibility Of A Freelance Logo Designer?

Is freelance logo designer, a good bargain for your business?

You may be asking this as well if you are running out of money and want a corporate identity of your dreams at the same time. The only option left for you is to hire freelance logo designers which may come with a very low cost as compare to the professional graphic design company.

Though they are not free but may cost you a lot in terms of your reputation and it may not be apparent in the beginning. What a freelancer may bring for you?

1-He will not always be there for you to understand your needs about logo designing and as he is dealing with you online. You never know when he will get vanished.

2-He cannot provide you with 24 hours customer support. That way you will never be able to ask him, what is he doing with your corporate identity?

3-The biggest drawback of hiring online designers is that you have to pay them the money before you get the product or service which is indeed very bad. This raises many questions about the credibility of a logo designer.
Might possible, he will run away after taking your hard won money.

4-You never know if he is registered or not. He will not show you his certificate for sure before getting hired and if in case, he does, then who knows that the certificate he is showing is real.

5-Who knows if he is an inexperienced logo designer? There are so many chances of an online fraud here that you will be only cursing yourself in the end.

Thereby, the more you overlook the consequences of hiring a freelance graphic designer, the more are the chances that you are risking your business reputation.

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