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Thursday, April 14, 2011 Post By: David

Three Business Logo Design Types Explained

A logo is a brand ambassador of your business which silently implants the whole concept of a company, brand, product or service in the minds of a potential buyer. This is why; nobody can today deny the inevitable importance of a brand mark for a good growth and exposure of a business.

Graphic design industry is on its boom due to such an intense demand. It involves creative ideas, concepts and expert opinion from a professional graphic designer. May be this is why; we can see various types of business logo designs around us. I selected three of the most common types of corporate identities which are given as under:


It’s a specific, narrow and to the point marketing strategy through a logo which is at the same time complete and descriptive. It basically seeks to deal with a specific concept by reflecting each and every component of it via logo design. Descriptive design concepts are very much suitable for small businesses.


Good for large conglomerates that are looking to get a more diversified form of expression as they are not dealing with a single concept. Abstract design concepts are also called as symbolic logo designs. Although, a small business owner who wish to throw an abstract look for his corporate identity can use it effectively.


Commonly known as logo types these brand mark identities only uses the name of a company to pay tribute. Furthermore, initials are also often used of a company’s name under this category to represent a company with style and sophistry. Typographic design logo web will be useful for those companies which have a name completely complementing with the business nature.

Therefore, if you are a proud business owner whether it’s a huge or a small firm, you can consider the preceding ideas to get your brand mark identity done!

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