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Monday, November 21, 2011 Post By: David

Fonts, Color, and Images Together Make Up a Logo Branding Design

If you are a designer and you are confused about what fonts you must use for logo branding design, then worry no more! If you really want to know the trends in fonts, you must notice the fonts of the most popular brands in your area. With a little research you will learn which font is most commonly used in your field. And if you want to know about any knew fonts or fashionable fonts, see the front page of any magazine or movie posters.

Magazine covers and movie covers not only tell you about new fonts, but they also give you some idea about its application. If you are a complete newbie in the field of designing, then you must not know much about the use of fonts. But movie covers give you a basic idea which you can apply in your designs as well.

There are other players in this game of brand marketing who play important roles. Color is one of them. Along with the appropriate style, color of the font and the background also keep significance. Colors relate to different feelings and emotions of people. Customers react differently to different colors. Therefore, it is very important that the choice of color should be relating to your business and it should relate to a positive feeling or emotion.

Using the right color, at the right place, for the right product is very important. For instance, the red color relates to anger and aggression, whereas on the other hand it also relates to love and romance. Its use in a font of a video game that is action packed would mean differently as compared to the red font on a shop for valentine gifts.

The other important factor that cannot be ignored is the use of images in logo branding. Fonts, colors, and illustrations, all make up a great brand mark design. Logo branding guidelines are now available online that can help you in designing.

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