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Saturday, March 20, 2010 Post By: David


You can find many effective “how to create a logo” articles and tutorials in which you are suggested to use particular colors , fonts and other elements to make your logo better, but it’s hard to find the tips on “what to avoid in a logo design”. So I decided to tell you the top 10 signs of a poor logo (5 here and 5 in the next part). It doesn’t matter if the design is made by a professional logo designer or an amateur; the only important thing is to avoid all of wrong doings of logo designing.

Here are the characteristics of a terrible logo design which you should avoid in your logo:

1. It is designed by an amateur: just to save some money, you give it to any of your friend or cousin so he can design it for free despite of the fact that he doesn’t know anything about logo designing. Or in other case you design it yourself thinking that only you can make justify it. These kinds of amateur logos can be recognized in one glimpse.

2. It relies on trends: Focusing on current logo trends will back fire big time as nothing stays the same forever, only change is consistent. A time will come when your “Trendy” logo will be left behind. Therefore the responsibility of logo designers is to create a unique identity for the client, so completely ignoring the logo design trends will work best for you.

3. It uses raster images: Only the inexpert designers use raster images in this point of time as there is a superior option of vector graphics available. Raster images hold fewer options as they lose their quality when stretched or reduced, at the other hand a vector image can be easily re-sized without the fear of damaging its pixel quality.

4. It contains stock art: the use of stock art can ruin your business image once and for all, as it is not copyrighted anyone can file a lawsuit against you anytime about the logo being stolen. Therefore you should always use copyrighted images in your logo so you can feel secure and trouble free.

5. Logo designer designs it for himself rather than the client: When a logo designer finds some new tool, font or technique of logo designing he wants to apply it on a logo as soon as possible. For this, he finds a client’s logo the best subject. What happens when someone experiments with your logo? You know it well. This kind of immature experimental act is not the right thing at all and can be distinguished easily.

These were only the 5 mistakes which are frequently made in logo designing which lead a logo to the path of devastation. For the next 5 you have to read the next part of this article which will be published soon.

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