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Saturday, March 27, 2010 Post By: David


Nobody wants to be called the owner of a poor logo design; therefore I took the task to uncover the wrong doings of logo designing so you can avoid those mistakes which can possibly make YOUR logo poor too. In the previous part of this article I uncovered the 5 signs of an unfortunate logo design. In this part I am going to continue the count from where I left it;

6. It is overly complex: Overly intricate logos can be designed easily but they don’t scale well when printed or viewed in smaller sizes. This is the reason why wise designers avoid putting so many elements in one logo design. The simpler the logo is, the nicer it would appear on both web and paper.

7. It relies on colors for its effects: many designers can’t wait to add colors to a logo design, and some completely depend on them. This is a fact that every company will need to put colors in its logo sooner or later but it does not mean that the colors should be put in the logo right away. Colors can be selected later on as a true logo is the one that looks nice even when it’s without colors. Subsequently, color selection should be your last decision and starting the work in black and white will do the best.

8. It has Poor choice of font: Bad selection of fonts can ruin the entire look of the logo image. When a designer experiments with different fonts by putting them into a logo, many funky fonts catch his attention and he decides to choose one of them, which is definitely a wrong decision and back fires later on. Reason being, free style fonts are the most intricate ones to understand and start to look out-dated very soon unlike the ones which are formal and professional looking.

9. It possesses too many fonts: Use of too many fonts is just like trying to show someone a whole photo album at once. Each font has different qualities, and the viewer needs time to recognize it. Seeing too many fonts at once can cause real confusion. Maximum two fonts of different styles is a standard practice for good logo designers. Staying under 2 fonts significantly improves the legibility of a logo and improves brand recognition.

10. It is copied/ plagiarized: Unfortunately, in today’s time copying has become a part of many designers’ practice. Copying someone else’s work is not a professional act as a plagiarized logo can be caught any time, if not then it won’t work in the long run because people may find it resembled to some other logo.

In a nutshell, a logo is the image of an entire business, and to acquire a nice logo you have to avoid the wrong-doings mentioned in this article and its previous part. If you do so, I guarantee you a successful logo design.

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