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Thursday, February 4, 2010 Post By: David

True Features of a Custom Logo Design a Business Owner Should Know

Ask an athlete and he will tell you the importance of a good start. 100 meter sprinters spend hours and hours practicing their take off because they know that with a good start they can amplify their chances to win the race many folds. In today’s competitive business world your business is also like a race and as I said your start is very important if you don’t want to lose. Among all the things which you need to start a business in a winning fashion is an out of the park business logo design.

Your business logo is the ambassador of your company. You can’t go out talking or convincing every potential customer but your logo can do that for you. It can take you places you wouldn’t even know about and connect you the hearts and minds of the people and convey everything about your business at first sight. For that your business logo design should be so good that it yells out your company and business when anyone takes a look at it.

These are thing you need to know whenever you need to design a logo for your business yourself or hire a logo designing service.


You business logo should be a stand out logo which can efficiently represent your business identity in a distinctive and innovative manner. It should be something which your market competitors are not. Something which the customers can mark out as a difference as soon as they see it and it can create a long lasting impression in their minds. Your logo design should personalize your business in a way no other competitor does.

Business name

Your logo should also have your company name embodied in it so that everyone can recognize the company every time they see your logo. Create an abbreviation for your business name if you can. This can make you a word of mouth in a short period of time. Like KFC, most of the people who have their luncheon everyday at KFC don’t even know what KFC stands for but they recognize it like the back of their hand.

Brand Identity

A logo design is a resource to represent small business enterprises therefore your custom logo design should portray a creative image among its target audience. Once your business logo is successful enough to deliver the creative image of your business among its target audience, then it wouldn’t be longer for your business to occupy a unique place in today’s competitive environment.


Your business logo must represent what your business stands for; therefore a custom logo design plays a major role in order to convey the message concealed behind small business enterprises logo. But the message in the logo design must be readable and credible for the readers to pick up a business logo message at a glance. To make the message of business logo clear, business needs the services from logo designing experts.

Catchy Slogans

The first thing that’s going to divert reader’s attention while seeing a business logo design is its slogan. Slogan of a business logo should appeal reader’s eye. No doubt catchy slogan of a logo design makes the reader to influence with the logo in order to grasp the message behind a logo design. In short more catchy the slogan of a business logo more customers whether potential or actual it will attract.


Your logo design should be designed in a fashion that it can be changed later on if needed. Interchangeability assures how safer your business logo is. Since change is inevitable; therefore small businesses must keep on changing their logos in order to occupy a stand out place in today’s dynamic environment.

Colour and Fonts

Colours used in a custom logo design should be relevant to a business but your business logo design shouldn’t contain dark colours as such colours can hide your business message while font size should neither be very large nor be very short to make sure that your logo design portrays your business message creatively among its target audience.

File formats

It’s a better option to use vector images for your logo design so that your logo can be edit easily later if required, therefore logo designing experts use vector graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator, Free hand and Corel Draw to insert vector images to a logo design with file extensions .EPS, .AI .CDR and .SWF.

I am sure you have grasped the idea how logo design can build a creative image of small businesses in style.

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