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Sunday, February 21, 2010 Post By: David

What Custom Logo Design Stands for?

“Custom Logo Design is a technique adopted by habitually creative graphics designers to create emblem, symbol or icon for low-budget enterprises in order to show their versatility in the field of graphics designing”. A logo may be a symbol, emblem or brand identity which identifies the brand’s uniqueness. Custom Logo Design Technique has been inherited from the remains of cylindrical seals, coins or watermarks of 2300 B.C.E. Modern era of custom logo-design begins from the Chase (Bank) logo made in 1960 by Chermayeff and Geismer. Now in the 21st century, famous brands are identified by their logos, slogans and icons.

Custom Logo Design needs a lot of dedication, motivation and addiction of the graphics designers to be look as artistic as possible. Professionals Logo Designers have a great hand of experience on using appropriate shapes, borders and colors for the desired logos. They use logo design software like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and others to assist them in their unique work.

The custom logo design enhances the competency of businesses and professionals. One thing that the custom logo-designers keep in mind is that the logo of their customer or client should clearly reflect their image in the minds of the people. For e.g. Coca-Cola is identified by its red color and IBM by its blue color image.

In the 21st century, dynamic logo designs are very popular among the sites such as Google, MTV and Morton Salt. Graphics Designers portrays the logo layers in high profile styles through custom-logo design. The logo-designers pursue organizations to adopt a symbol or a text to make them distinct among their competitors in the market. They either dedicate their hard work in designing the banners, stationeries, websites title, and business message or do it for their clients frequently.

Custom Logo Design technique caters the needs of small or medium enterprise owners with chock full assistance by professional logo designers. The graphics designers bring innovative ideas every day in order to be competitive in the today’s dynamic environment and keep the good impression among their clients to grasp their attention. Few popular graphics works on the logo design by creative graphics creators is shown below:

Panda of World Wild Life Fund shows how humans can save the wild life in danger; NBA player logo shows that it is associated with the basketball.

Conclusion: It would not be wrong to say that logo-designs act as agents for small scale businesses. Through passionate work of the professional logo designers, these small enterprises get an isolated place in the eyes of people. In a nutshell, the custom logo design gathers an eye-catch from the target audience of small enterprises. Free revisions and bonus packages with freebies are usually being given to the small budget businesses for a custom logo design. Other services such as free online support, guidance and marketing project manager assistance keep the clients and customers satisfied. I would like to end my article with the following statement:

“Custom Logo Design serves as pioneer to small scale businesses”.

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