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Tuesday, January 10, 2012 Post By: David

Design Your New Italian Food Logo in Just Five Easy Steps

Designing an Italian food logo that tells itself about your cuisine and your dining environment is an art. The real trick is when you don’t have to explain it, or say anything at all about it. One look is enough to understand the entire objective statement of the restaurant, their services, and the quality of the dishes.

Following are some instructions that will help you in creating a brand mark that will boost the performance of your restaurant:

1. Choose colors that are relating to grub. I have been to many Italian

restaurants and have admired the amount of innovation and hard work they have put into the brand mark design. The colors they seem to come out of their ingredients and spices. This seems to be a very successful tactic. The colors should resemble the delicious items on the plate, bright and spicy.

2. Next very important thing is the selection of font. The font you select must not be too loud, or too quite, something in the middle. It must compliment the image and the colors you have chosen.

3. Every restaurant has a specialty in an area of cooking, a recipe at which nobody can beat you. You could symbolize your area of expertise in your brand mark design, so that customers or visitors know that they cannot get a better taste anywhere else.

4. If you are not a designer, you could simply enlist your ideas and consult an expert. Discuss all the details of the type of brand mark that you want, and if you have selected an image show it to him. He can give you very good advice on the design, and make a good food logo that will satisfy your expectations.

5. The brand mark you choose must be able to satisfy you in every possible aspect. Make sure that its design will be capable of fighting the competition, facing new challenges, and stay in the market for years without becoming out dated.

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