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Saturday, May 15, 2010 Post By: David

Top 5 Search Engines Of UK And Their Logos

Search engines are the primary source of data gathering process in this point of time. There would be no one who wouldn’t know what search engines are, especially what Google is. Whenever someone needs any sort of information related to anything on the entire planet, he goes for a search engine. There are so many search engines available on internet, most of them are the ones we don’t know about. Here, I have gathered the top 5 search engines of United Kingdom that are the most utilized ones.

1. Ask Jeeves

Ask Jeeves is the most popular search engine of UK, as it provides search for web sites, images, news, blogs, videos, local search and shopping, maps and directions. One of the most noticeable qualities of Ask Jeeves search engine is that it has a very user friendly interface and there are many customized themes that you can apply to your Ask Jeeves page to make it look even more better. The ask Jeeves logos design is great to look at. It has all those 3 colors that represent strong, trendy, elegant and positive elements, which are Black, white and Red.

2. AOL Search

The AOL Search engine (formerly known as America Online) provides great search results which are enhanced by Google, with relevant multimedia results delivered on a single page. Site navigation is easy and nice for the eyes to look. The AOL search engine logos design has only one color that is blue, but in 2 different shades with “enhanced by Google” caption below. I will call this logo “exceedingly Elegant”. The search engine can be accessed by this address;

3. Google

Who doesn’t know about Google and its logo? I guess no one. So let’s talk less about this one. In short, Google is a search engine that has become a legendary statement for all of the Google’s products, services and websites. Same goes to the Google logo, it has been so many years and Google still hold the same logo, why? The reason is simple; it’s simple and cool!

4. MSN Search/Bing

Bing is a search engine of MSN. Msn never had a search engine that would impress the users but Bing, on the other hand has made its mark individually. Not only you can search on Bing via main MSN website but you can also access it separately here; . Bing logos design has been IN TALK for its nice and elegant look with minimal colors and uncomplicated design, which I think makes Bing what it is.

5. Yahoo UK & Ireland

Yahoo! has everything that represents its name. It has got everything a person needs whether those are videos, images, news, Weather updates and info specially aimed about; Autos, Finance, Games, Groups, Health, Maps, Movies, Music, Real Estate, Shopping, Sports, Travel and more. The logo of Yahoo has been the same since its first appearance; it’s cool and still feels fresh.

As time moves on, we need better and enhanced technologies so we can access our required information in easier ways. Let’s see which search engine comes with new features to attract more people in near future.

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