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Monday, May 3, 2010 Post By: David

Hot Wheels Logos- Too Hot To Handle

Hot Wheels are die-cast model vehicles, and were introduced on September 7, 1968. A range of highly detailed collector vehicles including replicas of Formula One cars and NASCAR have found success. The brand is highly famous for the small scale free rolling models of custom hot rods and muscle cars. Over the years, around 10,000 different Hot Wheel Car models have been produced.

Hot Wheel logos:
Every hot wheel logo has the striking quality of audience attraction. Power, attitude and style are the elements of hot wheel logos that appeal every kid out there. There have been different logo designs of hot wheels and all of them are as great as the product itself. Hot wheels are the best kid’s automobile toys manufacturing company of all times. The toys they make are stylish trendy and affordable.

Still Hot in Black and white:

Even when you look at the black and white hot wheels logo, you will realize that it is still effective without colors. At the other hand, when you take out the colors from any other company’s logo design you will see that the logo won’t stay that efficacious anymore. You can give credit to hot wheels logo design for this achievement.

Awesome illustrations of hot wheels:

It’s not only the logos of hot wheels that are stylish but also the illustrations they make such as; Wallpapers, banners, video games, etc. All of their illustrations are commendable, which is a sign of successful graphics designing.

Primary colors:

Red and yellow. these are the primary colors of hot wheels logos which suit these logos in a great way and I think no other color could go in this much concordance (some hot wheel logos contain white and black colors too but they aren’t primary). No matter which color you put on hot wheel’s logo background the logo looks awing even on the hot wheel merchandise such as t shirts and caps.

Hot wheels is one of the most likable and kid friendly company that knows what are children’s desires and on top of that they know how to deliver the products to the masses which makes hot wheels what it is today.

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